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Linda’s sense of aesthetics and fascination with perfume bottles, fragrance and flavours started as a little girl. A favourite weekend pastime was to make candles, room sprays and chocolates – for Linda, it was always about the scent or flavour. As her collection of empty perfume flacons grew, she was given a full bottle of Madame Rochas; it was like receiving a box of treasure to be cherished and an exciting new world of fine fragrance beckoned, beginning a lifelong fascination with scent.

As a young woman, Linda travelled far and wide, settling in South America where she sought a viable business idea which resulted in her establishing an ice cream parlour. Offering exciting new combinations of flavours, each ice cream embraced the inspirations from her travels and experiences with diverse cultures.Today, Linda enjoys cooking adding unexpected scents and flavours to food – she calls this Gourmande Jayne. Meanwhile, Ormonde Jayne’s perfume collections are all related to the multifaceted cultures and incredibly different ingredients sourced during a life of travel.




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