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“…like a cloud gathering on the horizon; it heralds the coming of what is yet to be seen…full of promise. One can’t help but notice and feel the thrill. It’s like knock on your door when you least expect, even less prepared…You rise to the call, expectant yet timid, ready to face what is to come and still stay with you, long after the storm has gone…”

Smell is a sense so primitive and and entwined into our existence, it surpasses all others. Neither sight nor sound can take precedence above it. A scent stays with you; a bridge that connects the past with now.

A scent is omnipresent no matter where, lights may be out, sounds may have faded yet one deep breath tells you all you need to know, where you are, who you are with, what is to come. It carries whole realms within its notes; a world of dreams, hopes, expectations. And we at the House of Régalian deem ourselves as the gatekeepers to those realms.

Exquisitely composed by a handful of top perfumiers, each Régalian scent is unique and one of it’s kind; unpretentious and far apart from the crowd of commonplace scents one can’t tell from the other. Delicately preserved in crystal bottles and affectionately wrapped in velvety boxes, it is a statement of one’s self-esteem and “joy de vivre”




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