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What is niche?

Niche means ‘different’ and not wanting to please everyone. The perfume industry has really embraced this word but there is no official niche perfume definition.


Why are consumers always going for the big name brands?

The range of brands and perfumes is so endless, which makes it difficult to choose one.

Most go for classics, ‘hypes perfume’ from their favourite big brands, they go for an easy choice. The question than is: ‘’Did you buy a perfume that really suits you? A perfume that moves you and fits your personality?


What is a niche perfume?

Niche perfumes are unique and contain the most rare and finest ingredients from all over the world, the components are of the highest caliber in the niche perfumes industry.

You get better quality, natural ingredients and a longevity but most of all: you buy a personal and unique product made with love and devotion and with a storytelling. A perfume that fits your personality.

Maybe you have never heard of the brands we offer. We carefully selected brands with a story and we think it is important that the brands we admire are passionate people and who put their heart and soul in their brand.

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