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Dusita is an independent Haute Parfumerie House, created by Pissara Umavijani in 2016. Pissara Umavijani is the founder and perfumer.

Dusita was created out of love for perfumery and passion for poetry. Pissara loves to create perfumes that generate happiness for everybody. In Thai, Dusita means “paradise” a state of happiness and contentment. All of the perfume creations are tributes to the poetry of Montri Umavijani (1941-2006), father of the brand’s founder Pissara. Dusita uses only the best natural ingredients, produced sustainably, refusing to use products of animal origin or tested on animals. How amazing is that? This brand stands for a lot of things. It stands for freedom of creativity: the creativity of the perfumer is never limited by any considerations. They also respect the values of high perfumery by using quality products and manufacturing by the best producers and respecting the traditions. You can say that Dusita is an amazing brand, with an eye for detail and perfumes with astonishing storytelling.

Try Dusita with their wonderful perfumes at one of our retailers!

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